31 May 2010

there's a first time for everything...

and today was the first time I took photos for someone I didn't know (ie. not a friend or family member!)!!! GULP! I was sooooo nervous, but 10-day-old Ms.K was super patient with me, and her parents and big sis rocked the pictures! I hope they like them as much as I do! What a little angel:

I recently took a PSE class for beginners & am happily learning that I love actions, specifically free actions like the ones I just downloaded from Ree (aka. PDub / The Pioneer Woman)! Above is PW's Black & White and, below is a favourite, PW's Black & White Beauty (look at those gorgeous eyes!):

One more action that is quickly becoming a favourite is PW's Lovely... below is the original photo:

and then this next one is with PW's Lovely run on it:

Looking at it now, on the web, the difference may not be all that apparent; however, the colours are just a little bit more saturated and everything is softened just a little...

My eyes are boggled from staring at my computer for over 3 hours now, so will post a few more peeks when I'm done going through the photos!