09 February 2012

and the hookin' continues...

a few FO (finished objects) and WIP (works in progress) to show this week, but first...

I entered my first crochet square swap! Debi, from DIy's Hooks & Yarns had a sign up on her blog as I happened to be blog browsing there & I thought I'd give it a try. Here's the beautiful (*green* - how did she know?!!) square she sent, & you can see the square I sent to her here on her blog.

She included an eye pencil as well... such a pretty shade of blue - thank you Debi! I look forward to doing another swap, or, perhaps one of my own... what a great blanket you will have!

on to my stuff...

my giant granny square blanket... not sure how big I'll make it (I'm thinking baby blanket?) - I was inspired by completely copied this lovely colour scheme, and, since I had left over yarn from my square for the swap, it was perfect.

a reusable shopping bag - I found a free pattern (that I cannot for the life of me find to link!) online, and I really like it! This bag worked up very quickly ( 2 hr?!) & we can never seem to have enough bags around with more stores not providing plastic bags (yay!). Plus, won't I look chic at the farmers' market this summer sporting my own crocheted bags??!?!

I pattern tested a shawl for Anastacia (that I will post when she posts the pattern), & that sparked a search for shawl patterns.  I found this pattern on Stitch Nation & I L.O.V.E. it! It is by far the most intricate pattern that I have done thus far... not incredibly complicated, but not one I can just memorize & hook away in front of the TV!  I'm using the suggested yarn in 'mercury', and I love that too... if only our Michaels store had a more complete colour selection of Stitch Nation yarns!

and, finally, a cute little tangerine cowl