30 November 2008

Milo: I'm just gonna lay down here, right beside my brother... chew my bone (well, OK, maybe his too)...

Harley: Can he PLEASE not be near me?????
Had another Christmas card class today... 'tis the season! We played Christmas music and had a great afternoon. I've posted a couple of the cards we made in a previous post, but here are 2 that I just did up this morning after being totally inspired on my morning look at SCS.

Totally CASE'd this card, using the faux metal technique that I recently learned about but hadn't yet tried... what a great effect!

And then, I totally fell in love with this beautiful card... there are so many examples posted on SCS using this Season of Friendship set, which is a relatively new addition to my collection!

28 November 2008

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27 November 2008

at the dog park...

Kelli brought her camera to the park today so she got a couple of pics of me and M... this is about the best one as he isn't really into looking at the camera!

and a couple of us with our boys (who are both interested in more important things!)...

*** I know I may seem like a 'bad mom,' bringing just M. to the park, but I swear I hear an audible sigh (of relief!) when we leave H. in peace every now and then!

24 November 2008

some cards...

from this past weekend's Stamp - A - Stack...

I just love this Holy Triptych set - it makes creating elegant cards so easy! I CASEd this card from SCS, and used some of my most hoarded Wintergreen DSP from last Christmas...

A simple card to showcase the 5 petal flower punch...

... using some of the yummy new striped grosgrain ribbon from the current mini!

And, what blog post would be complete without a little show of 'brotherly love'...

... yes, Milo is actually crammed into Harley's crate with Harley in it... he's trying to steal the bone. Brave? Maybe. Foolish? Certainly! Silly and somewhat stubborn? That's Milo!

14 November 2008

1 sick Tara + 1 traveling Shawn = 1 bored Milo...

I've been sick all week, and pretty much haven't left the house except for a couple of Dr. visits... Shawn's been gone - livin' it up in Castlegar... When you have a 9 month old puppy, this might not be ideal for a few reasons:

1.See, Harley would be perfectly content to laze around in the warm house, chew his bone, and just generally lie around.

Milo, however, is a different story! Can't you just hear Harley: "Hey Lady... um, HELLO?!?!?"

And then, Mr. Innocent... "What? I'm just snuggling my brother..."

Poor Harley... this is on his pillow in the living room, but Milo has, in fact, followed him into his crate and sat / layed right on top of him! Poor Harley - I can hear him sighing & wishing for his peaceful old life back!

still sick with 'the ICK'...

but still managed to make a couple of cards this past week...

this Holy Triptych set is just SO pretty... I almost find it hard to use because it's beautiful on its own and I just want to show the simple beauty of the stamps! I used navy and silver and white cardstock for this one and then lots of embossing and bling! LOVE, love, LOVE the irridescent ice EP embossed over white craft ink on dark cardstock!

Oh, Old Olive... how I love thee... and this paper has Old Olive, white and Baja Breeze... together!

This one of the cards for the Christmas card class I'm teaching over at Ever After, but I think it may be one of my cards for this year as well! Simple, and I love the Making Memories FaLaLa line!

08 November 2008

a couple of treats...

after a LOOONNNG-awaited paycheque!

My friend Jenny has the cutest wallet, and I've coveted one of my very own since I first saw it. I was recently pointed in the direction of a couple of stores in town with a good selection of espe wallets & bags... they come in every colour, and in the long and short styles. So cute!

I also treated myself to a new pair of Keen winter boots (they just so happened to have a matching bag, so I treated myself to that too!!) - this is an awful picture, but I assure you they are super cute! I only had short, hiking boot style ones, and they're not so practical for some things (like trudging through snowy fields after dogs!), and they are most certainly not Cute! Cute is good.

and, the most comfortable sox on the planet... seriously! They even come labeled so you can put them on the right (or left) feet at 5am!

02 November 2008

more cards...

I have a few classes and Stamp - A - Stacks coming up in the next weeks, and I've made a few of the cards...

I tried my hand at an acetate card... it's really hard to get a decent picture, but the green is just to try to show the stamping on the acetate.

I ordered the new felt flurries... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! These are the large ones.

Felt snowflakes... and felt RIBBON! LOVE it!

More felt flurries (these are the small ones)... and gorgeous new striped grosgrain ribbon!