14 November 2008

1 sick Tara + 1 traveling Shawn = 1 bored Milo...

I've been sick all week, and pretty much haven't left the house except for a couple of Dr. visits... Shawn's been gone - livin' it up in Castlegar... When you have a 9 month old puppy, this might not be ideal for a few reasons:

1.See, Harley would be perfectly content to laze around in the warm house, chew his bone, and just generally lie around.

Milo, however, is a different story! Can't you just hear Harley: "Hey Lady... um, HELLO?!?!?"

And then, Mr. Innocent... "What? I'm just snuggling my brother..."

Poor Harley... this is on his pillow in the living room, but Milo has, in fact, followed him into his crate and sat / layed right on top of him! Poor Harley - I can hear him sighing & wishing for his peaceful old life back!


Info Goddess said...

poor you, but those pictures are hilarious!!

StampinMama said...

Hope you feel better. The dogs are so beautiful! Love all your cards!