08 November 2008

a couple of treats...

after a LOOONNNG-awaited paycheque!

My friend Jenny has the cutest wallet, and I've coveted one of my very own since I first saw it. I was recently pointed in the direction of a couple of stores in town with a good selection of espe wallets & bags... they come in every colour, and in the long and short styles. So cute!

I also treated myself to a new pair of Keen winter boots (they just so happened to have a matching bag, so I treated myself to that too!!) - this is an awful picture, but I assure you they are super cute! I only had short, hiking boot style ones, and they're not so practical for some things (like trudging through snowy fields after dogs!), and they are most certainly not Cute! Cute is good.

and, the most comfortable sox on the planet... seriously! They even come labeled so you can put them on the right (or left) feet at 5am!


Kelli said...

I saw the socks at Roy's and couldn't fathom paying that price, but after buying socks and having a few problems, I think I need to re-think my sock budget.

Jen said...

i just found your blog..and i'm in love!! i love it all!! you asked about the felt on a card i posted on SCS, it is just a random find at my local grocery store!!