29 March 2008


is my Mom's birthday, so Dad took her & I out for coffee this morning:

Doesn't she look great? It's really hard to get 'natural' pictures of my parents, so I told them to talk and pretend like I wasn't there (3 feet from them, snapping away like the paparazzi!):

and maybe they aren't technically the best pictures, but they do capture the true relationship my parents have - they have what I want. After nearly 36 years of marriage (coming up in April!), they laugh together all the time... they truly are best friends!

It wasn't snowing or raining this morning (yet!), so after coffee I took Mom & Harley for a walk up to the Rose Valley Dam:

darn dog still won't look at the camera!

He prefers to be shot in profile, from his 'best side'.

I am finding that the more I use my 50mm lens, the more I like it... I think Karen might be onto something!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

21 March 2008

some cards...

... OK, so now it's A card... the second one is removed for PUBLICATION! And I need to make myself one of those little "Removed for Publication" signs that people have...

for my rescheduled class tonight - we're doing heat embossing... hope they like it!

Some flowers:

a total surprise from yesterday... I love how bright and 'Eastery' they are!

19 March 2008

pretty good day...

maybe not THE Best Day Ever, but still a pretty darn good day never the less!

Kelli, Emily & I went on a little roadtrip to check out Doodles in Vernon (heard it has new owners!). We stopped for yummy lunch & Starbucks, and we took advantage of the gorgeous day to take some pics in Polson Park:

18 March 2008

my 15 seconds...

I'm getting published!!! Look for a baby announcement by yours truly in Cards - August 2008!

16 March 2008

getting to know you...

well, technically, it's getting to know me, but then I tag you and you play so I can get to know you! Got it?

I got this list of questions in email form and decided to answer them here since I seem to be lacking bloggy topics of late.

1. If your doctor told you today that you were pregnant, what would you say? Wow... um, how does that happen?

2. When was the last time you flew in a plane? Christmas, 2006

3. What did the last text message you sent say? I haven't sent a text message in probably... 6 months, and I can barely remember what I did yesterday, so um, let's guess it said HI!

4. What features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? eyes, teeth, sense of humour...

5. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? Clean up my craft room, so I can actually use it!

6. Shoe size? 7.5 - 8

7. Been to Mexico? Yes, if you count walking across to Tijuana...

8. When is the last time you had a massage? Never. Don't really like the whole idea of getting naked in a dimly lit room and having a complete stranger touching me all over... yes, I have issues!

9. What was the last TV show you watched? Y&R "A POX on you, Gloria! You are cursed!" LMAO - Best.Parting.Shot.Ever!

10. What are your plans for the weekend? Weekend's almost over... the rest of today will be spent doing laundry, making supper and lunch for work tomorrow & watching a bit of TV.

11. If your significant other asked you to marry them today what would you say? no current significant other... can't say I'm in a real hurry for that again...

12. What is in the back seat of your car right now? Dog toys, doggie poop bags, mittens...

13. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? sleeping!

14. If you could marry any celebrity today who would it be? Well, based purely on looks alone? Matthew McConaughey!

15. Have you ever been to a strip club? Umm, yes... BLECH!

16. What is the best ice cream flavor? Chocolate. Death by Chocolate. Double Chocolate Ripple.

17. What is the last sporting event you watched? NHL game

18. Ever go camping? Yep.

19. Last phone call? Planning some scrappin' get togethers for the week!

20. Are you allergic to anything? Latex, strawberries, kiwi fruit, pollen

21. What is one thing you have learned about life recently?

22. What do you do at work? Make drugs, package drugs, deliver drugs... the LEGAL kind!

23. What is your mom's name? Joyce

24. Ever cried for no reason? Yes

25. Can you do the Crank Dat dance? Umm, I would have to say no, since I've never heard of it.

26. What is your favorite color to wear? Black - it is slimming, and I need all the help I can get!

27. What is the longest plane ride you have ever been on? Vancouver, BC to Newark, NJ, by way of Phoenix, AZ!

28. What is the longest road trip you have ever taken? Prince George, BC to Disneyland.

29. What are your turn-offs? bad breath, BO, bad manners

30. What was your last alcoholic beverage? Bailey's and Hot Chocolate

31. What are you craving right now? ice cream!

And, with that, I'd like to tag: Kelli, Fern, Colette, Pauline & Marina! You can post your answers in the comments here, or email me...

this made me laugh...

(it's short)

and if you head on over to YouTube you can see his other performances... so good!

14 March 2008

some people's children...

*** Caution: Somewhat long-winded RANT ahead ***

are very, very ill behaved. Very. Rude, obnoxious, dangerous & just plain oblivious. And I don't mean 'children' as in little kids, or any of my friends' children... just SOME people's children, most of whom are adults now, but they are still Someone's Kid, you know? And Someone didn't do a very good job of instilling safe driving habits, manners or just plain old common courtesy...

I ventured forth from my hovel today for the first time since Monday (well, except a quick doctor/chicken soup run on Wednesday!) because I was running low on provisions (read: toilet paper, Kleenex & drugs!). I needed quite a few things from Costco, so I decided to meet Kelli & Emily there for a quick 'Costco run'. On the way to Costco, I nearly got T-boned by some genius coming out of a gas station parking lot at about 60mph. I swerved, honked & probably fingered him and he wouldn't even look at me - no sheepish apology wave, no mouthing 'I'm so sorry!', nothing! Some people's children!

So, we get to Costco, get a cart & go inside... there are so many people there! Like, half of Kelowna! Oh, yes, forgot, it is 'Payday Friday'... whoops... the lines are wrapping around into the main aisles... but, surely they will be better after we've made our rounds, right?

We got coupons, looked at books & rugs & super cute baby clothes (for all of my friends who are expecting!)... Anyhow, I'm stopped in the book aisle, checking out 'The Other Boleyn Girl', and some guy just rams my cart out of 'his way'... and into my side. Now, it's not like I was stopped in the middle of the aisle, not even sort of! - I had my cart aligned along the book stand, directly in front of me, allowing plenty of room for a cart to pass to the right of me. I'm standing there, checking out the books and, WHAM! No 'Excuse me!' or 'I'm sorry!' or 'Whoops!' - nothing! just rammed me and kept on going... nice! Some people's children!

It also happened to be a good day for samples at Costco today... yummy lemon mousse cake, perogies, oven fries, delectable dilly ranch salad dressing! YUM! We could have eaten dinner there! So, anyhow, I'm waiting behind one man at the counter for a sample, and this other guy comes up along side of me and kind of slides in right beside the person serving the samples and grabs 2... then, just as I'm about to reach for the next one that the server puts on the tray, this woman comes straight out of left field and grabs it right out from under my hand! Seriously! I was, like, inches from grabbing it! WTH!??! Some people's children!

So, we're kind of tired of the mob scene and we've got what we came for, & we found the much sought after iced coffee drink (yay!)... we get in line, we pay, we decide we want an iced Mocha from the concession. Kelli & I are standing in line, waiting to order. The server was busy and said he'd just be a minute finishing whatever it was he was doing. We're standing in line, waiting, chatting... waiting... we're the only 2 in line at this point. Shortly, however, a couple comes up behind us and stands there for about... mmm... 4 seconds... then, they cut around us and head to the till and try to place their order with the cashier at the till. The cashier politely informed them, pointing to us, that there was a line and that they would have to wait their turn for service. They came back, grumbling about how were they supposed to know where to go, & how disorganized 'this whole line thing' is(?) and how they didn't know we were in line ('cause you all know how Kelli & I just like to stand and look at the pizza!), at which point Kelli remarked (not so quietly!) that yes, in fact, we did just like to stand there and sniff pizza and fry fumes! They came back, stood behind us again, now wedging in ahead of some others who'd since joined the line, waited another 4-5 seconds, grumbled some more and finally said, "Well, we'll just leave then!", and stormed out. Um, yeah, whatever! Some people's children!

08 March 2008

baby announcements...

a sample I made for a friend who's expecting (I had to remove the other because... wait for it... it's being published!!!!):

07 March 2008

not to be outdone completely...

by Kelli posting all of her wonderful blurry background pics... I've been playing around a little also - trying to put my new bits & pieces of knowledge into practice (ie. never shoot on 'green camera' setting again!)! I do, however, have a somewhat unwilling subject!

OK, so he was willing for about 5 seconds...

then he was bored!

Unbelievably, this is Santa... from Christmas... still in remarkably pristine condition! Silly Harley doesn't want to touch him! Ordinarily, a stuffie lasts approximately 5 seconds!

"Oh, geez, lady... that sunlight is bright enough... why are you flashing that thing in my face??"

I think this is one of my new favourite pics of him! And no freaky pet eyes!

Note to self: Clean floor before taking close ups of dog feet!