29 March 2008


is my Mom's birthday, so Dad took her & I out for coffee this morning:

Doesn't she look great? It's really hard to get 'natural' pictures of my parents, so I told them to talk and pretend like I wasn't there (3 feet from them, snapping away like the paparazzi!):

and maybe they aren't technically the best pictures, but they do capture the true relationship my parents have - they have what I want. After nearly 36 years of marriage (coming up in April!), they laugh together all the time... they truly are best friends!

It wasn't snowing or raining this morning (yet!), so after coffee I took Mom & Harley for a walk up to the Rose Valley Dam:

darn dog still won't look at the camera!

He prefers to be shot in profile, from his 'best side'.

I am finding that the more I use my 50mm lens, the more I like it... I think Karen might be onto something!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


Kelli said...

Those are great shots of your parents. I like the back side of Harley shot.

Cheryl said...

Great shots Tara, your parents are such a cute couple :)

laos348 said...

These are wonderful shots of your parents. I really like the 50mm lens too - its all I use.