07 March 2008

not to be outdone completely...

by Kelli posting all of her wonderful blurry background pics... I've been playing around a little also - trying to put my new bits & pieces of knowledge into practice (ie. never shoot on 'green camera' setting again!)! I do, however, have a somewhat unwilling subject!

OK, so he was willing for about 5 seconds...

then he was bored!

Unbelievably, this is Santa... from Christmas... still in remarkably pristine condition! Silly Harley doesn't want to touch him! Ordinarily, a stuffie lasts approximately 5 seconds!

"Oh, geez, lady... that sunlight is bright enough... why are you flashing that thing in my face??"

I think this is one of my new favourite pics of him! And no freaky pet eyes!

Note to self: Clean floor before taking close ups of dog feet!


Kelli said...

Looks great!
Clean my floor too!

Heather said...

Those shots are GREAT! I LOVE the paw shot!