19 April 2008

what the...?

My fire alarm beeped & woke me up when the power went out this morning around 5am... while I was downstairs looking for a new battery for my clock, I had a second rude awakening:

Double checked the calendar - it is, in fact, APRIL 19th? Yes. Blinked really hard to see if my sleepy eyes were just unable to discern the difference between dirty windows and that white stuff that falls in the WINTER time?? No. Not my sleepy eyes... it was snowing, and it snowed all morning! Kelli phoned around 0730 to inform me that I would need to shovel before my class...

1 comment:

Kelli said...

I'm making my website for official wake-up caller right now!
Glad the snow is leaving quickly. Have a good time tonight. Don't do anything I wouldn't do and remember, raw fish should only swim downstream.