20 September 2008


Harley's new "little" brother - Milo (nee Molson - hated that so we are in the process of changing it!)! Isn't he gorgeous!??!

I found him in OK Falls through the hospital e-bulletin board... someone just didn't think it through when they got him, and "didn't have the space and time for him." Well, her crappy planning is my gain - we got this gorgeous boy for $500 this morning!

He was soooo good in the car on the way home, and then we took them to the park and turned them loose for a couple hours - he was absolutely delightful with the other dogs and ran laps around the park! I'm fairly sure he's not been exposed to that very much before - that's going to change! He met new friends today too - Linus & Sally... Milo & Linus get along very well!

He's a purebread Doberman Pinscher - 8 months old and 85lbs (he is as tall as Harley already!)... he's still growing into his ears and his tongue and his legs. I love his puppy clumsiness! And he's a cuddler! Harley is so not.

I really didn't know how Harley would react to another dog on his turf (he's been my one and only for 7 1/2 years after all!)... there have been a few scuffles (namely when Milo tries to dominate Harley), but for Day #1 things have gone extremely well! He needs all his shots... and he will be neutered (in the very near future!), but all in all he's a gorgeous, goofy, gentle boy who just found his forever home (we are his 4th home in his short 8 months!).


Kelli said...

We are so very happy for you and Shawn and your two boys!

Andrea said...

They look perfect together!!!
Congratulations...Milo is blessed to have a Mommy like you :D