05 February 2009


SUCKS!! Yes, I'm bored, as I sit here waiting for news from the hospital, so I'm answering FB tags on my blog (2 birds with one stone!).

My Senior Year

... was 1992 - a lifetime ago!

Fill this out about your SENIOR year of high school. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be. And, if you're so inclined, tag some of your friends - bring back some memories!

1. Did you date someone from your school? • yes

2. Did you marry someone from your high school? • nope, but will this summer!

3. Did you car pool to school? • mostly walked, but drove for a short time in the spring of that year

4. What kind of car did you have? • 1988 Ford Escort EXP

5. What kind of car do you have now? • 2006 Toyota Matrix wagon

6. It's Friday night...where are you? (Then) • Sitting at home, moping & doing homework.

7. It's Friday night...where are you? (Now) • Sitting at home with Shawn & the dogs, surfing the internet, doing housework, or hanging out with my crafty girls.

8. What kind of job did you have in high school? • babysitting, lifeguard/swimming instructor

9. What kind of job do you do now? • pharmacy technician

10. Were you a party animal? • hardly…

11. Were you considered a flirt? • um, no.

12. Were you in the band, orchestra, or choir? • yes, band - clarinet!

13. Were you a nerd? • {sigh} Yes...

14. Did you get suspended or expelled? • nope

15. Can you sing the fight song? • The what?

16. Who was/were your favorite teacher(s)? • Mr. Ko (sciences), Mr. (math) Watt

17. Where did you sit during lunch? • on the floor in the halls, or outside when it was nice out

18. What was your school's full name? • College Heights Senior Secondary

19. When did you graduate? • 1992

20. What was your school mascot? • CHSS Cougars

21. If you could go back and do it again, would you? • Hell NO!

22. Did you have fun at Prom? • sure...

23. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? • nope

24. Are you planning on going to your next reunion? • there are some people I wouldn't mind catching up with IRL (instead of just FB!)...

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