03 August 2010

top 2 tuesday...

what a fun idea! I'm a follower of Lauren's blog, and she had a post for Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday & I thought it was a great idea. This week's theme is 'Simple Pleasures':

  1. Going to bed early but chatting with Shawn late into the night (early into the morning!) - I just love hanging out and talking to my husband - he honestly is my best friend.
  2. Beach walks with Shawn and the boys - Harley & Milo are huge fans of the beach so we try to get them out there as often as we can to romp and play... nothing tires Milo out like chasing Harley through the water for a ball!

You should head over to Taylor's blog to read some more simple pleasures and link up your own! Oh, and clean sheet day would definitely be on the list, along with Starbucks in bed for birthday morning!

1 comment:

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

me and Ben always have late night chats too..love it!