03 February 2008

five things...

I got this email today & thought I'd answer it here since I'm being harrassed to blog more!

Five things I was doing 10 years ago...
1. finishing my Pharmacy Tech diploma
2. spending too much money on too many throwaway items
3. looking for a Pharmacy job
4. working at the Canada Games Aquatic Center in Kamloops as a lifeguard / swimming instructor
5. working as a care aide for brain injured adults

Five things on my to do list today...
1. get up before 10am
2. vacuum up dog hair
3. laundry
4. create something!
5. grocery shopping

Five things I will do when I'm a millionaire...
1. spread the wealth
2. renovate my house
3. buy the vehicle I really want
4. travel
5. open my own SB store

Five things I'll never wear again...
1. spandex
2. 'Hammer pants'
3. leggings
4. pink
5. uncomfortable shoes

Five of my favorite toys...
1. camera
2. computer
3. PVR
4. Purple Cows paper trimmer w/ interchangable blades
5. iPod

Five banes of my existence...
1. alarm clocks
2. dog hair
3. diagonal walkers
4. clutter
5. dust bunnies

I would like to tag Kelli, Fern, Colette, Andrea W., Pauline & Debby... post your answers on your blog, in my comments or email me!


Kelli said...

Okay, so I posted the 5 things on my blog.
Your cards are very nice.

Goddess said...

Ack I was double-tagged! It's on my blog...