07 August 2008

'birthday week'

is a little thing I like to celebrate... really, everyone has it but I choose to use it!

For example, my birthday was this past weekend... last Tuesday - Thursday, Shawn took me to Vancouver for a whirlwind 'birthday' shopping trip and to see the Festival of Lights (we saw China's show and it was awsome!).

On Friday, I picked out my new scooter:

I can totally ride it with the cursed RoboBoot on!!!!

Then, on Saturday, we had friends out to the lake for a BBQ / party...

On my actual birthday, Shawn cooked me dinner... Monday we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, Tuesday we picked up my scooter... see - birthday week! LOVE it!

Now this week is rolling on into Kelli's birthday week - her parade and street fair is Saturday... come one and all!

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