28 August 2008

just a few little things...

that are making me happy today:

Yes, food... surprise, surprise. They're the best with homemade artichoke dip (which I will be making for tomorrow evening!)...

The Wii. I never thought I would be a 'gamer' (well, technically I'm not really since the only game I like is Rayman's Raving Rabbids, and the Wii Fit program)... but I love this little thing!

Harley. Makes me laugh on a daily basis... when he's not conspiring to make me pull my hair out.

Yes, more food. Specifically, fresh peaches and zucchini, straight from the garden... mmm!!!

My computer geek. Love him.

And... the beginnings of an organized scrapbook space!!! Yay!!!!

20 August 2008

my foot may be broken...

but I can still bowl, baby!

Well, to be more correct, I can still bowl well enough to beat Shawn at Wii bowling...

OK, so I won once and am posting smack because I can!

We got (me) a Wii specifically for this game... Yes, that's right, thanks to Kelli, I am addicted to Rayman Raving Rabbids. Shawn likes it too.

Harley just thinks we've both lost it.

07 August 2008

exciting day today...

I'm going to see Donna Downey with Kelli this fall! The retreat was priced just right and we decided we needed a SBing getaway (& possibly some shopping!)...


my long awaited package of goodies from Cards (& my free copies of the magazine!) arrived after work today - birthday week continues!!!

'birthday week'

is a little thing I like to celebrate... really, everyone has it but I choose to use it!

For example, my birthday was this past weekend... last Tuesday - Thursday, Shawn took me to Vancouver for a whirlwind 'birthday' shopping trip and to see the Festival of Lights (we saw China's show and it was awsome!).

On Friday, I picked out my new scooter:

I can totally ride it with the cursed RoboBoot on!!!!

Then, on Saturday, we had friends out to the lake for a BBQ / party...

On my actual birthday, Shawn cooked me dinner... Monday we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, Tuesday we picked up my scooter... see - birthday week! LOVE it!

Now this week is rolling on into Kelli's birthday week - her parade and street fair is Saturday... come one and all!

birthday treats...

gelato (my first!) in Vancouver... (and a SB/Ikea shopping trip!) with my sweet bf:

a most beautiful handmade picture frame / cork board for my SB room wall, from Kelli:

homemade black forest cake (it was yummy Shawn!):

a birthday BBQ/day at the lake with Shawn, Kelli, Kerry, Emily & Eli:

a huge plate of yummy cupcakes from Victoria:

and chocolate!!!!

handmade cards and gifts and some time with my friends are the absolute best birthday treats ever - thanks you guys!

01 August 2008

oh yes...

I have it - I have it in my hot little hands... finally! I have been waiting and waiting (and stalking the mail lady!) for about 3 weeks now. I mean come on, I KNOW they publish these things way ahead of time, and I am expecting my subscription copy (as well as the 2 free copies and my box o' goodies for being published)... and I've been waiting...

I had to go all the way to Vancouver to get it, but that's OK. Here's the cover of the magazine that my very first published card is in...

and, on page 78:

yep, there it is... that's MY card!

I designed it as a sample baby announcement for Victoria (and it was actually my least favourite of the bunch I made!)... Now, please keep in mind that this is not the way I actually designed the card (they moved the 'belly band' - I had it on the bottom third of the card with about an inch of the chocolate chip showing... you know, rule of thirds?!?!), and personally, I think it looked much better the way I had it, but that is a minor disappointment compared to seeing something I created in a magazine! And they spelled my name right! And the lady in the SB store where we found it thought I was a little off my rocker (ok, really weird!) when Shawn handed me the Cards mag and I did a little jig (with my RoboBoot on my right foot! so it was more of a clompy stomping sort of thing), but I think she understood when Shawn told her I was IN it (well, at least she pretended to understand and made appropriate oohing and aahing noises when I was around!).