17 January 2010

a sunny day...

happened this weekend, so we took the boys out for a nice long walk along the waterfront. I think Kelowna is one of the most beautiful places in the world - I love living here!

As you may remember, I am taking The Photographer's Workshop with Karen Russell... it is only the end of Week 1 and I feel that I have already learned a ton, both from Karen's lessons as well as from interaction with other students on the message boards.  (Not that I think the KR will ever read my little ol' blog, but Thanks Karen - this class is $$ well spent!)  Anyhow, now, more than ever, I take my camera with me everywhere.  I bought a new-to-me 50mm f1.4 lens this past summer, and Karen said that would be the perfect lens to use for the class and then, after I better understand my wants / needs & how I will primarily be shooting, I can look at what other lens(es) I may wish to purchase.  This week was all about understanding, experimenting and playing with the rules of composition (Rule of Thirds, leading lines, framing etc).

I can't say that any of these are stellar examples of anything I've learned, but liked them, & I loved hanging out at the beach with my boys on a gorgeous mid-winter day! (I also love that Milo will actually come when called, unlike a certain older dog of mine!)



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