07 June 2010

Basic Grey goodies...

I was supposed to be cleaning up my workspace, but then I uncovered found unearthed rediscovered some of my BG Origins goodies that I had not yet had time to play with:

Origins just might possibly be my favourite BG line to date! I adore the colours (What... green & brown?!?! Go figure, eh?!) and stocked up big time to use it for my wedding album since the colours are just perfect for that!


leslie said...

Pretty! I put my pack of this paper away, so I'll never see it again now. I much prefer the messy desk for inspiration.

WV: tralized
The turtle walked along the table until tralized it was nearing the edge and would fall off if it didn't stop.

Carina Gardner said...

Found you on MME blog - super cute blog you have! Love the card and the colors!