18 June 2010

fix-it Friday #59...

I've been lurking over at the i heart faces blog for quite some time now and, every Friday they post a photograph that could be improved upon for fix-it Friday. Here's my take on the photo of a little sweetie they posted for fix-it Friday #59:

Here's the original photo:

Here's my take #1:

& take #2 (using PW B&WBeauty action):

Please keep in mind that I am just learning to feel my way around PSE 8, so these are both very minor edits, and the second photo uses PW B&WBeauty action.


Pink Shoes Photography said...

nice try!! I am learning PSE8 too. These Fix it fridays help a lot.

Lisa - papergrace said...

How are you using her actions in PSE? I thought they were only for PS & CS users. If not...how the heck did you get the actions to download?! SO jealous!!

Your photos look great!! Really wonderful, Tara.

Allie said...

NIce job! I edited mine in PS8 and all I used were the PW actions! They are great!